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About Gergely Transport Ltd.

Our company has been involved in international road haulage for more than 25 years. Our fleet consists of 8 refrigerated trailers with a loading capacity of 33 EUR-palettes. We offer high-standard solutions in forwarding temperature-sensitive merchandise of high value that require a massive side-wall such as electronic-equipment; food as well as harmless commercial goods. Thanks to the continuous improvements during the past years our vehicle fleet has an average age of 2,5 years. Our vehicles conform to the EURO 5 environmental standard. With the help of the temperature recorders attached to the reefers we are capable of proving transport temperatures subsequently. As the company's fundamental principle we always comply with the national and international environmental regulations and with the norms of the European Community.

In order to supply our clients with continuous and accurate information our vehicles are equipped with mobile phones, GPS tracking and alarm. Iveco tractor units are used with reefers and trailers supplied by leading manufacturers such as Schmitz. Every trailer has valid ATP certificate.