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Our services

  • transport of special merchandise requiring exchange-palettes,
  • transport of refrigerated goods from -30°C to +30°C,
  • forwarding,
  • in order to deliver goods as soon and safe as possible we can provide two drivers for our vehicles,
  • vehicle repair and services at our premises.

Our work is based on the international agreements referring to road transport. Our CMR-insurance meets the requirements of the agreement and above that we can take out additional insurance when its necessary. Our computer network and data processing system ensure prompt evaluation of incoming data so that we can provide correct information for our customers. Gergely Transport Ltd. is passionate about furnishing the best possible service in international road transport for its customers. Our fleet, as well as our technical background and organization methods are being constantly updated. This ensures that our position on the international transport market grows stronger continuously. The company's management support training and require unbroken self-education from the staff. We expect our employees to contribute personal knowledge and responsibility to the success of the company. Our customers are of central importance that is why we evaluate their feedbacks in order to raise the professional level of our services.

  • We provide personal transport service for our customers.
  • Gergely Transport Ltd. ensures that its clients can follow their cargo continually
  • It is reliability in the first place what distinguishes Gergely Transport Ltd. from other forwarders

This reliability is achieved through perspicuous administration and experience in communication practice as well as correct services. Gergely Transport Ltd. intends to enhance its good business reputation and appreciation.

With our office hours we try to adjust to the expectations of our customers. We are at your service on weekdays from 8 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. Our colleagues can be contacted on the mobile phone continuously.

Managing Director: Gergely Sándor
Chief Accountant: Gergely Sándorné
Transport Organizers: Szilasi Ibolya, Sápi Zsolt
Logistical Manager: Gergely Kata